There is much confusion about Veteran Burial Benefits. Some Veteran's believe that all of their burial or cremation will be paid for by the VA. Others don't realize that they have any benefits. On this page you will find the current Veteran Burial Benefits.

  • A United States Flag is usually presented to a family member or a friend.
    It can also be draped over the casket or used in a memorial service presentation.

 Flag cases are available to display your flag at home with
pictures and medals, creating a wonderful memorial.

  • A Veteran Marker is available for any cemetery and can be bronze, granite, or marble.

  • Military honors with a 21 gun salute can be part of services wherever you choose to have them.

  • A Veteran and his/her spouse have the priviledge of being buried in any of our National Cemeteries where there is space available. There are no cemetery charges for the space, the opening and closing of the space, casket liner, recording fees, or markers at the National Cemeteries.  This benefit is available for casket or urn burial.  The first person will save the space for their husband or wife to come.

  • San Joaquine Valley National Cemetery is the closest national cemetery to Lake County, with space available.  It is located a little north of Fresno in Gustine. It is not very old and is very nicely maintained. As a veteran, you can go to any of the national cemeteries in the United States, provided that there is space available.  All of them in the San Francisco area are closed.

  • Sometimes there is a monetary Veteran benefit that we can help your family apply for.

To obtain any of the benefits for an Honorably Discharged United States Veteran, the funeral home will need a copy of the Veteran's release or discharge paper - DD214.
If the spouse will be recieving benefits at the National Cemetery, we will also need a copy of their marriage certificate.

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