Memorial DVD

Our memorial tribute videos are our gift (no charge) to your family when you choose one of our service packages. 

Our state-of-the-art presentation system includes a ceiling mounted projector and a 10' x 7' screen in our chapel. 

We take your pictures from a lifetime and put them together with a favorite song to create a Memorial DVD. This is an opportunity for families to share their treasured pictures together in one place. The pictures tell a story and are a very moving and memorable part of the funeral or memorial service. 

You will be given 2 copies to take home, if you would like more, we are happy to duplicate them for you. 

We know that a loved one's passing is one of the most difficult times of life.
It is our goal to give our families a gift that leaves memories of happier times. 
Memorial DVD Instructions: 

1. Choose up to 35 pictures. They can be 8 x 10 to very small. Even the smallest pictures will be nice on the screen by the time the DVD is published. I can do a lot to fix a picture that might be torn, stained or scratched and I can usually bring back the colors of old pictures; so don't be discouraged if you have a favorite that is not in very good condition. I will do the best that we can with all of them,. 

We can scan your pictures. However if they were taken with a digital camera or phone, they are best emailed to me at

2. Choose one picture as the "marquee" picture. It will stay on the screen throughout the service until is time to play the Memorial DVD. When the song and the pictures have played through, the marquee picture will return to the screen for the rest of the service. 

3. Put your pictures in the order that you would like them to play and number them on the back in one of the lower corners. Usually families put them in chronological order. * Think about which picture is nice for the last one. 

4. Choose a song - Your loved ones favorite or one of yours. We just need the title and the artist.  NO youtube songs please.

** We do not use pictures that might be considered disrespectful. 

** We also do not create DVDs longer than 1 song and about 35 pictures. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or send me a note by email. 

Lynda Mathews