Cremation Services

Cremation is an increasingly popular option for many people, serving as an alternative to burial. Reasons for preferring cremation vary.  During cremation, the remains are placed in a special furnace and reduced to resemble coarse sand.  

Cremated remains can be buried at a cemetery, buried or scattered on property where you have permission, such as your own property (State and National Parks will often give permission in specified areas) or scattered at sea 500 yards off of the coast line.  When a loved ones  "ashes"  will be kept at home, we encourage you to think about what future generations will do with them...

A Memorial Service or Celebration of Life can be arranged in our Chapel, at your Church,  or other locations, like your clubhouse or lodge. Our staff can be there attending to all of the details making sure that everything goes smoothly.  We provide Guest Books and Memorial Folders or Memorial Cards and Memorial Dvds.